Chiara Stenger

Student assistant Collaborative Research Center »Studies in Human Categorization«

Academic Vita

Chiara Stenger studied cultural anthropology and political science at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and finished her bachelor's degree with a thesis on spatial aspects of homelessness at the railway station. Her research focus includes qualitative research methods, processes of spatial appropriation and exclusion, (in)security, and marginality and poverty in public space. She is a student assistant at the CRC 1482 »Studies in Human Categorization« in the project C04 »Urban Control Regimes. Railway Stations as Infrastructure of Human Categorization«, as well as at the Center for Quality Assurance and Development in the Department of Small Disciplines. Since October 2022 she is a student in the Master program »Geographies of Globalization – Markets and Metropolises« at the Goethe University Frankfurt.